June 25, 2015

Order a comic

Making money.

You want to catch everyone’s attention in a new way? Are you interested in promoting a topic with a comic? We are professional comic and ad creators with an excellent format to present the value of any topic. Pricing is simple: 500€ per page or 200€ per panel (+VAT).

Our process

  1. You explain the idea and how you want to use the comic.
  2. We prepare the first version of the comic and list of questions to guide us.
  3. You give us feedback.
  4. We deliver the content in an easy to use format: PNG and PDF

So if you have a great idea or topic you wish to turn into a comic, please contact us. We will put up a team of manuscript writers, artists and copywriters who will turn your idea into a stunning entertainment. You can be a company, a scientist or just having a great idea; We will find a way to work with and for you.

Ask for more: everything@clarified.info or use the form.

Yours sincerely

Sebastian Sonntag, CEO
+358 50 3020242